Enabling the Industry

The WindFloat®
 is enabling an entire industry

Principle Power's WindFloat® technology is unlocking deep water sites, creating new opportunities in offshore wind markets globally.

As a technology and engineering service provider, we work in close partnership with various entities to create opportunities and deliver groundbreaking projects around the world.

We are committed to working with stakeholders to create market conditions that position the sector for significant contributions to global power sector decarbonization, bringing about thousands of high-quality jobs.

We collaborate with other innovators to bring about complementary technologies and integrate them into our design approach and project execution plans.

We liaise with diverse stakeholders and work to create project outcomes that maximize benefits and minimize conflicts.

Public Affairs and Advocacy

Principle Power is an advocate of ocean-based climate action. We believe in a sustainable blue economy that brings benefits to local communities, where multiple ocean users coexist with minimal impact on the environment. We work to support these efforts and are proud to share our learnings and insights with key stakeholders who share our vision. 

Understanding, balancing, and responding to the varied and sometimes conflicting stakeholder priorities is an important part of how we work with our customers. Engaging with multiple stakeholders in continuous dialogue helps us to approach issues from a position of understanding to find suitable solutions and gain acceptance. 

Floating offshore wind enables projects to be sited responsibly, minimizing negative outcomes.

Floating offshore wind farms built with the WindFloat® technology can be located further away from the coast, reducing visual impacts as well as interactions with leisure and economic activities. We are passionate environmentalists and ocean enthusiasts; we design and operate the WindFloat® with the utmost care for the environment.

Floating offshore wind projects build upon and further enhance local maritime industry and surrounding coastal communities, bringing about sustained high-skilled job creation and long-lasting investment in infrastructure.

Engaging with Trade Associations and Networks

We believe that our responsibility as a sector leader includes sharing knowledge and insights to help floating wind markets to develop and accelerate.

We currently work with committees within industry associations, research and academic institutions, and regional networks all over the world to create an enabling environment of policy and regulations that support the expansion of floating offshore wind and development of best practices for the industry. 



North America


For further information, please contact Principle Power’s Public Affairs Lead.

As a technology and engineering services provider, we rely on a healthy, capable, and competitive supply chain, as well as qualified infrastructure, to fabricate, assemble, and install our WindFloat® designs.

Working with the supply chain

We apply our technical understanding, wide-ranging networks, and multi-disciplinary expertise to advise our customers towards the identification, evaluation, and selection of optimized project execution plans. 

We maintain collaborative partnerships with the fabricators, component suppliers, installers, and EPCI contractors who will deliver our global pipeline of projects

A skilled, robust, and innovative global supply chain is required to help us, and our customers, deploy the WindFloat® at a large scale in different market conditions. If you believe your offering could suit our technology and, most importantly, our vision and values, we want to hear from you!