Get to know our French team

13 December 2022

Meet our France-based team!

We are expanding our team and operations in France to better support our customers in the ongoing and upcoming tenders and we are delighted to introduce you to some of our colleagues.

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Alban Van der Broek

This is Alban van den Broek, Senior Marine Systems Engineer.

Alban’s role is to assure the integration of the WindFloat®’s main systems, from safety equipment to control system, ballast, piping, and electrical systems, and interface with the wind turbine while taking into consideration the high-level requirements and needs of each project.

Alban is moved by the pioneering spirit he found in the renewable energy sector and loves solving the engineering challenges encountered while pushing floating offshore wind forward.

Alban is “addicted to the sea” and spends much of his downtime sailing, surfing, and windsurfing.

Listen to Alban firsthand in this video!

Alexandre Barnoin

Meet Alexandre Barnoin! Alexandre started at Principle Power as a Project Management intern, tackling the complexities of the EFGL project. He is now a Structural Engineer devoted to further enhancing our WindFloat® technology, working from our French office.

Get to know him a bit better by watching the video.

Antoine Aula

Meet Antoine Aula, Principle Power’s Discipline Manager for Installation Engineering.

Antoine is a seasoned engineer. Having joined Principle Power back in 2016, he was instrumental in such projects as WindFloat Atlantic and Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm. He is now dedicated to the engineering behind unlocking large-scale projects with dozens of WindFloat® units.

Antoine is passionate about the ocean for leisure as well. Surfing and kite surfing are among his favorite sports.

Watch to video to get to know Antoine!

Flávia Rezende

Meet our Vice President for Engineering Projects, Flávia Rezende.

Flávia joined Principle Power in 2020, transitioning from the Oil & Gas industry into renewables and floating offshore wind in particular: a move she now works tirelessly to bring to the entire world.

Flávia is motivated by the novel engineering challenges brought about by floating offshore wind, and she loves to share her passion and 20+ years of professional experience and knowledge with younger engineers.

She plays a supporting role in the development of the EFGL (Les Éoliennes Flottantes du Golfe de Lion) project, 16 kilometers from the coast of Leucate and Le Barcares in the French Mediterranean.

Watch the video to get to know Flávia!

Görkem Özcan

Meet Görkem Özcan, Planning Engineer. Gorkem joined Principle Power in the summer of 2022, after more than 7 years in the development, maintenance, and optimization of resource-loaded schedules in offshore renewables. Gorkem is now hard at work on our pioneering project Les Éoliennes Flottantes du Golfe de Lion (EFGL).

Watch the video and get to know Gorkem!

Léa Chot-Plassot

Meet Léa Chot-Plassot, Deputy Structural Engineering Discipline Manager.

Léa joined Principle Power in 2019 and has since been heavily involved in the development of the Les Éoliennes Flottantes du Golfe de Lion (EFGL) project, for which she was fundamental for the FEED and Detailed Design completion.

Léa is enthusiastic about the innovative technical developments needed to make floating offshore wind a reality and dreams about seeing a full supply chain in place to industrialize the WindFloat® and deliver clean energy at the scale of future energy demands.

Watch to video to get to know Léa!

Moustafa Ibrahim

Moustafa Ibrahim is a Cables Engineer that went from internship to patent application at Principle Power. Moustafa is a "climate warrior" who gets enthusiastic about challenging technical problems.

Watch the video to get to know him a little better!

Nicolas Germain

Meet Nicolas Germain, Senior R&D Engineer.

Nicolas already had 15+ years of experience in the maritime industry when he joined Principle Power back in 2019 to get his inquiring mind working on floating offshore wind.

Nicolas enjoys tackling new and exciting technical challenges arising every day in a quest to support the energy transition away from fossil fuels and into renewables.

Watch the video to make acquaintance with Nicolas!

Rachel Chester

Meet Rachel Chester! Rachel joined Principle Power in 2019 and works as a Senior Installations Engineer out of our French office at Aix en Provence. She worked extensively on the Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm project, from cable configuration design to installation and large corrective operations. Nowadays, Rachel is hard at work on the industrialization of our WindFloat® technology.

Watch the video to get to know Rachel a bit better!

Thomas Marty

Thomas Marty has developed a long experience in large construction projects in the offshore energy industry. Thomas joined Principle Power in 2018 as the Project Manager for Kincardine (the world's largest floating offshore wind farm). He now serves as Tender Manager for the French market.

Watch the video and get to know Thomas!