The WindFloat® is a semi-submersible, three-column floating platform compatible with any standard offshore wind turbines and suitable for deployment in waters deeper than 40 m.

The WindFloat® advantage

The WindFloat® allows wind farms to be optimally located, independent of depth and seabed conditions, enabling customers to access previously untapped sites with higher quality wind resources and minimum impact to stakeholders or the environment.

The WindFloat® is an engineered solution customizable to specific project requirements, including wind turbine generator, metocean conditions, infrastructure constraints, project size, etc. The WindFloat® solution delivers outstanding flexibility given the number of design variables (column spacing, column diameter, draft, truss diameter, heave plate architecture, etc.) that can be explored to provide our clients with the best configuration for their projects during a Pre-FEED study.

Our projects

The WindFloat is operating in Portugal and Scotland with a market leading 75MW installed, with a market-leading 105 MW capacity targeted to be generating power by 2023. Principle Power is supporting its customers with a multi-GW pipeline in Europe, Asia, and the United States, with the first large-scale projects entering service in the middle of the decade.

Expanding Frontiers

We use our experience and IP to anticipate the Industry’s needs, to continuously improve technology and bring innovative new products to the market, and to create customized solutions for our clients based on our proprietary technologies.


The WindFloat® (platform, mooring system, wind turbine interface, and dynamic cable design) technology has been certified by:

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