Code of Conduct

I. General

Principle Power is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics, following all applicable laws and regulations, and operating with safety and integrity foremost in mind. To get the job done for our customers, Principle Power relies on a complex array of third parties including individuals and business entities. Principle Power’s reputation for ethical behavior and legal compliance is directly impacted by the conduct of its CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS. As a Principle Power Contractor or Supplier, you must agree to follow the applicable laws of each country in which you operate, and like Principle Power, to comply with applicable international law standards.

As a condition of any business relationship with Principle Power, Contractors and Suppliers must adhere to principles laid in this Code of Conduct for External Contractors and Suppliers and in the References set out below.  Principle Power presumes that, in case of award of a contract, Contractors and Suppliers will adopt the principles herein addressed.

References:  Principle Power policies and procedures:

  • Conflict of Interest Procedure
  • Gifts and Hospitalities Procedure
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

II.I Purpose

This Contractor and Suppliers’ Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards that Principle Power requires its suppliers, service providers and subcontractors (collectively or individually) to adopt and uphold in the course of their business activities.

If any non-conformity is found with respect to one of the herein-mentioned principles, contractors and suppliers are required to inform Principle Power. They can do this by addressing their contact person at Principle Power or directly contacting the Head of Procurement in Principle Power.  Contractors and Suppliers are also required to supply their employees with the means to report or raise questions about ethical, legal, or compliance problems without fear of reprisals. They are also required to take the necessary measures to prevent, detect and correct any retaliatory measures in respect of such reporting.

Effective date: June 29, 2023