The WindFloat® advantage

The WindFloat® is a permanently moored semi-submersible, three-column stabilized floating platform for offshore wind turbines, incorporating proprietary performance-enhancing features such as damping plates and a smart hull trim system.

The WindFloat® has been developed specifically to achieve exceptional stability performance, while reducing structural weight, and simplifying logistics during installation and operation.

The virtual pitch- and yaw-free performance in the offshore environment allows the use of existing commercial offshore wind turbines, located at one of the columns, with only minor modifications to control software. 

The WindFloat® enables offshore wind farms to access the best wind resources by largely decoupling the project economics from water depth and seabed conditions. This allows wind farms to be sited responsibly, minimizing impact to both the environment and other ocean users. 

WindFloat® unit while being towed.

WindFloat® unit while being towed.

The WindFloat® is a patented, proven, and certified technology trusted by customers worldwide based on its robust and unparalleled track record. The WindFloat® floating platform's simple and economic design leads the industry in terms of safety, cost, and performance.

Wind turbine agnostic

Freedom to choose the best wind turbine for the project, balancing cost and performance: the WindFloat® is designed to host any conventional commercial wind turbine with only software modifications and site-specific tower.

Industrial-scale modular fabrication

The WindFloat®’s flexible and modular structural design allows fabrication by a variety of local and global companies, enabling industrialized supply chains that strike the right balance between local content, cost, and schedule.

Heavy lifting at port

Adjustable passive ballast system allows wind turbine installation and large correctives to be performed at port with conventional land-based cranes. This removes the need for any offshore heavy lifting, increasing personnel safety and vastly reducing cost and weather risk.

Simple offshore installation

The WindFloat® is inherently stable and towed to site by an offshore tug, where it is connected to the preinstalled mooring system in less than one day.

Water depth independent

The WindFloat® can be deployed in waters from 40 m to well over 1,000 m deep, using conventional mooring components that are commodity-priced, readily available worldwide, and adaptable to many different site conditions.

Smart hull trim system

The WindFloat® offers excellent motion performance with any turbine and at any site. The smart hull trim system boosts wind turbine performance to harvest the full power of the wind. The system learns from real-world operational experience for continuous improvement, unlocking additional revenue generation.

Plug-n-play grid connection

WindFloat® units use the patented inter-array cable "I-tube" connector for easy connection to the grid. The “I-tube” allows for a unit to be disconnected and removed from the grid for maintenance while power flows uninterrupted between the remaining units.

Clean renewable energy for all

Floating offshore wind is the most scalable renewable energy with the least environmental impact. Floating offshore wind is key to meeting global decarbonization goals.

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World-class performance

The WindFloat® unique features deliver optimal motion performance for increased power production and revenue generation. 

Industrial-scale modular fabrication 

From local expertise to global delivery capacity: modular design enables project sponsors to strike the best balance.

Minimum offshore work reduces risk and cost 

The WindFloat® is fully assembled at port and simply towed to the deployment site, completely removing the need for heavy lifts offshore. 

Simple and safe maintenance

Robust, fully redundant design and excellent accessibility with standard offshore wind vessels maximizes uptime.

Plug-n-play grid connection

Patented inter-array cable "I-tube" connector revolutionizes floating wind farm design and maintenance.

Boost local community development

WindFloat®-based floating offshore wind development revitalizes coastal economies, enabling the supply chain and creating long-lasting jobs. 

Low environmental impact

The WindFloat® is designed to have minimum environmental impact, from fabrication to end-of-life decommissioning.

Globalizing floating wind

The WindFloat® is unlocking offshore wind potential worldwide and allowing projects to harvest the best wind resources.

Expanding Frontiers

We use our experience and IP to anticipate the Industry’s needs, to continuously improve technology and bring innovative new products to the market, and to create customized solutions for our clients based on our proprietary technologies.   

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