WindFloat F

WindFloat F, a pontoon-based design suitable for flat panel construction.

The patented WindFloat F is a low-draft pontoon-based design that leverages the 4th generation WindFloat® heritage – and introduces a geometry that allows access to established flat panel construction methods commonly used in shipbuilding and O&G (Oil & Gas).

The design is simple, symmetrical, and structurally efficient, enabling the standardization of components. The flat panel architecture is compatible with existing automated flat-panel fabrication lines in key markets, key for delivering projects in today's constrained supply chain landscape by expanding supply chain options worldwide.

WindFloat F

WindFloat F

Our engineering teams have designed WindFloat F to realize a structurally efficient architecture with high levels of built-in flexibility for resolving fatigue-related challenges common in the industry. The low-draft design makes it possible to integrate turbines across a range of shallow water ports, which maximizes project flexibility.

The philosophy of WindFloat F centers on modular construction to streamline delivery. The modular "block" sub-components can be manufactured on automated serial lines in indoor facilities, ensuring increased throughput and high quality standards.

Featuring a pontoon-based buoyancy system, WindFloat F minimizes draft and reduces footprint, allowing turbine integration in shallow ports with water depths above 7 meters. As with the WindFloat T, the WindFloat F incorporates the Hull Trim System for improved Annual Energy Production (AEP), reduced wind turbine loads, and higher operational efficiency.

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