What we do

Principle Power is an independent technology and services provider offering solutions for floating offshore wind projects that span the entire project lifecycle, from development to decommissioning.

We configure our WindFloat® technology solutions to meet client and project-specific requirements, provided under license to our clients.

We design robust and flexible project execution plans designed to minimize cost and risk while optimizing our solutions for available port infrastructure and supply chain capacity.

Our services

We offer industry-leading engineering and operational services to our customers built on our proven WindFloat® solution.

Our services span the entire project lifecycle to assure fully integrated designs that minimize CAPEX and OPEX while maximizing energy production. 

Project Development Support

Supporting your project from day one.

Concept and Pre-FEED Design

Setting your project on the path to successful development and execution.

FEED and Detailed Design

Providing ready to fabricate WindFloat® design & license packages adapted to your needs.

Project Execution Support

Providing technical oversight to deliver safely, on-time and on-budget.

Inspect, Maintain & Repair

Optimizing the performance of your WindFloat®'s while minimizing cost and risk.

End of Life Services

Providing expert engineering support for Life Extension studies to get the most of your WindFloat®'s.  

Principle Power: the market leader in floating offshore wind

Principle Power is a specialized engineering service provider fully dedicated to floating offshore wind. Our multidisciplinary team has more than a decade of experience engineering projects spanning a wide range of site conditions, turbine sizes, and markets.

We work in partnership with customers and coordinate closely with wind turbine suppliers and certification bodies to address the critical interfaces between the wind turbine and floating platform.

Principle Power’s experience and ability to deliver is unparalleled in the floating offshore wind sector.

We are the only independent service provider to achieve Technology Readiness Level 9, which signals full readiness for deployment in commercial-scale projects. 

We have completed more engineering studies, deployed more units, and have more experience providing Inspection, maintenance & repair services to more projects than any other company in the market.

Our early involvement in projects helps customers to efficiently navigate the complexities of the floating offshore wind market. We leverage our multidisciplinary experience to provide decision support that unlocks value and improves project outcomes. 

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
Projects capacity operating
75 MW
Project capacity (originated in partnership)
> 4 000 MW
Project capacity (delivered and active contracts)
5 960 MW
Water depths range (delivered and active contracts)
40 - 1 300 m
Turbine capacity range (delivered and active contracts)
15 MW+
Years providing inspection, maintenance & repair services

Integrated Management System

All of Principle Power's activities are developed within the framework established by our Integrated Management System, built upon two fundamental pillars: Quality; and Health, Safety & Environment. The objective is to provide maximum value to our customers, while causing zero harm to personnel and the environment.

Project Execution Plan

The delivery of a successful project requires a comprehensive Project Execution Plan (PEP) that sets out the strategy for delivery and the roles of all parties. The PEP will ultimately reflect the customer's objectives of the project in terms of commissioning date, Levelized Cost of Energy, and HS&E, and in consideration of all key assumptions, constraints, relevant parties, and interfaces necessary to realize the project.

Principle Power contributes to the PEP: 

  • incorporating lessons learned from previous projects
  • the site-specific conditions that impact the design of the WindFloat®
  • any potential commissioning or operational windows
  • the availability of port infrastructure and supply chain
  • the policy framework within the region
  • and the contractual strategy of the client

Establishing a robust PEP at the beginning of a project assures a basis for informed decision-making at each stage in the life cycle, key for the successful delivery of a floating offshore wind project.

WindFloat® license model provides maximum flexibility

As a company with a long history of innovation in floating offshore wind, Principle Power has developed Intellectual Property in the form of patents, trademarks, and related offshore know-how, which are proven, bankable, and suitable for tailored application into projects. 

We license our portfolio of intellectual property to clients in the offshore wind market, providing cost-effective immediate access to the WindFloat® technology and enabling access to sites otherwise not accessible, unlocking opportunities that were previously unavailable.

The licensing model allows clients the flexibility to engage directly the supply chain on competitive terms and develop bespoke solutions for the project in the local market, balancing local content and cost tradeoffs. This model also allows clients to maintain their relationships with their core supplier base and leverage these into new projects.

Let's get your project floating

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