Our story

Leading the way to
 a sustainable future

Principle Power was founded on the belief that competitive floating offshore wind technology is necessary to unlock the massive deep water renewable energy potential of the ocean.

Offshore wind resource offers a tremendous opportunity to meet the world's imperative need to decarbonize. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that offshore wind alone can power planet earth 18 times over. 

Floating technology enables offshore wind to go global

Offshore wind power is the world’s fastest-growing renewable technology. With individual, commercial scale projects able to power 1 million homes, offshore wind is placed at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

Over 80% of global offshore wind resource is in waters deeper than 40 meters, where traditional fixed-bottom foundations are no longer economically viable.

Principle Power has proven WindFloat® technology in several projects over the past decade. Today, our 4th generation WindFloat® product portfolio plays a central role in our company-wide “300x30” vision for industrialization – a program that will enable us to deliver 300 floating wind turbines by 2030, advancing the industry into the gigawatt scale era.