From local expertise to commercial-scale delivery: streamlined fabrication plays a central role in delivering on our “300x30” industrialization vision.

Modular fabrication and onshore assembly

To globalize floating wind, our commitment is to achieve a takt time that will enable the market to at a rate similar to fixed-bottom wind projects.

We are working with leading equipment suppliers to ensure that subcomponents for both the WindFloat T and WindFloat F are compatible with the next generation of automated fabrication.

To achieve the balance of speed and quality required for success in floating wind… our vision is to produce standardized modules using factory-style methods.

Modular design enables a competitive supply chain

Taking our two WindFloat® products into the“300x30” industrialization program streamlines fabrication and accelerates assembly in a way that accommodates local supply chains around the world.

An essential element to achieving our ambitious “300x30” vision is to maximize flexibility in the transport and assembly of sub components into the final product.

Once on station at local port facilities, our process flow joins components together rapidly and loaded out with minimal requirements for permanent infrastructure.

Quayside operations are flexible, leveraging standard, locally sourced marine equipment and vessels.

Flexible assembly reduces cost, risk, and drives local content

Our flexible assembly process promotes local fabrication and assembly. Heavy lifting is performed in sheltered port environments with commercially available cranes. To achieve the right throughput and maximize density at the quayside, components are mechanically completed and pre-commissioned as much as possible before integration.

By locating the wind turbine on a single perimeter column, we reduce crane outreach requirements, allowing for safe and efficient turbine tower integration. Wind turbine integration can be performed either floating at quayside or grounded. The WindFloat® portfolio is also compatible with multiple wet-storage options to fit any project execution plan.

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