WindFloat T

WindFloat T, proven WindFloat® design, suitable for tubular construction

WindFloat T represents the fourth generation of the WindFloat® design, recognized for its three-column semi-submersible tubular design with Water Entrapment Plates (WEP) for optimal performance. The design has operational track record exceeding 200,000 hours since the first unit was installed in 2011 and offers the most bankable and reliable solution on the market.

The modular design offers flexibility in execution plans, enabling distributed fabrication scenarios to deliver projects where local final assembly infrastructure and capabilities may be limited . This approach customers to balance local content with regional and global supply chains to achieve the optimal solutions for their projects.

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Optimizing WindFloat® comes from years of engineering work, comparing our models with real project data. We’ve incorporated various improvements into our design process to streamline every aspect of our technology, making WindFloat® ready and reliable for commercialization.

WindFloat T is robust and reliable and has been optimized based on years of experience designing constructing, and operating WindFloat® projects globally. The improved design incorporates lessons learned and engagement with a vast array of qualified supply chain partners to improve design for manufacturing and design for maintenance.

WindFloat T enables full frame assembly of trusses and incorporates automated orbital welding for rapid assembly with minimal yard requirements. Principle Power has also streamlined the entire system assembly process by incorporating a skid-mounted marine system package that consolidates all equipment into one column. This method minimizes time spent at the assembly site and enables simplified integration, completion, and maintenance.

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