Quality and HS&E

Our commitment to people and the environment

Our commitment to Quality

Principle Power delivers its floating offshore wind projects with maximum quality, providing industry-leading development, engineering, technical, and inspection, maintenance & repair services conducted according to stringent standards. We constantly seek internal and external stakeholder feedback to ensure continuous improvement. 

Our commitment to Health and Safety

Our business is only as strong as our people and, as a result, the Health and Safety of our personnel is our number one priority. We expect the same commitment from our customers, partners, and suppliers.

Our Integrated Management System is geared towards best industry practices, HS&E regulations, regulatory and certification standards in all the markets we operate.

Our team members are empowered with the right skills, training, and tools to lead by example and promote an incident-free working environment. 

At Principle Power, we believe people are the key to the company’s success. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our teams, and those around us, are fundamental to everything we do.

- Jullián Arrillaga Costa, Principle Power’s Chief Executive Officer

Our commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The protection of the planet is our priority. Through Windfloat® technology we work daily to build a sustainable future for generations to come.  

We support our employees to act responsibly and always consider the environmental impact of our actions and activities. 

We commit to minimize the impacts of our business footprint on the environment and promote positive, responsible, and continuous action to safeguard the future of our planet. 

Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Policy

This policy defines Principle Power’s commitment to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety in all its activities, and supports the achievement of our Mission, Vision and Values.

Principle Power provides Research and Development, Engineering, Project Management, Operation and Maintenance Services and support services for the fabrication, installation, commissioning and decommissioning of offshore floating platforms for renewable and green energy markets, with the Mission to deliver the best floating wind solutions for our partners through our innovative technologies and services, according with the following principles that are part of this Policy:

  • We are committed to follow best industry practices, and to adhere to and comply with the applicable Customer’s, Health and Safety, Environmental, classification, certification as well as other obligations resulting from dialogue with interested parties and legal or regulatory requirements in the different areas of the world where we operate.
  • We strive to deliver on our word and on our commitments, promote the consultation and participation of team members and their representatives, and to use their feedback and feedback from other internal and external stakeholders in order to ensure continuous improvement of our integrated management system and in our value proposition delivery.
  • We will value and develop our human capital, promote teamwork and increase skills and motivation.
  • We will endeavor to provide healthy and safe working conditions, to prevent work-related injuries and health conditions, promote well-being, identifying hazards and implementing effective control measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to HS&E.
  • We consider in our management principles that guarantee, in a balanced and effective way, respect for economic/heritage, human and environmental aspects.
  • To promote the rational use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution, minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from our activities, promoting the concept of the circular economy, in our operations and products, through a life cycle perspective.
  • Seek the continuous improvement of QHSE performance, through management of Risk and availability of the necessary means to promote the Safety, Health and Well-being of all employees, the protection of the Environment and the Satisfaction of our Customers. Quality, Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every person working for, or on behalf of, Principle Power has the right, indeed the duty, to intervene, assess the risks and stop any activity if the conditions are unsafe or damaging to the environment.

The compliance with this policy is the main responsibility of all employees, contracted personnel and is enabled through visible commitment of the Executive Management.

The Executive Management Team ensures the Integrated Policy maintains relevance by reviewing it regularly.

Chief Executive Officer
October 6, 2022


WindFloat® technology (platform, mooring system, wind turbine interface, and dynamic cable design) has been certified by: